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We wanted to tell you that the new CD, BEYOND SPACE WITHOUT LIMITS, will be released on 12. 12. 2012. We found a very serious problem as you might have read if you entered before on the webshop.

Due to increases and inflation on this country, (thanks to this government that we have)
the price of shipping is 3 times more expensive than the album itself. We have no way of give it to you with a reasonable price, so we thought an alternative so you can have the original albums, and whatever edition you choose.

The option to purchase that we can offer is to buy 4 units of your own choice, regardless of the title.
You choose your own titles,4 units, can be the same or different, is you're choice,
We sent them in priority certified mail as we have always done which includes shipping and handling. Payment is by paypal as always.

The final cost would be U.S. $ 100 for the 4 units (Shipping Included)

Can you buy the 4 units and share it with friends. Splitting the cost between friends, would be a pretty reasonable price.

We can also sell one album at the price of U.S. $ 50. (Shipping Included) And we know is way to expensive, which for we though of let you choose the option of buying with friends. We will let this option available too.

We thank all the people who are buying in the webshop, and always supporting us.
We hope you can understand the country's situation, which is out of our control.

And thanks for supporting Beto Vazquez Infinity over the years.

Beto Vazquez.

Queríamos contarles, que el nuevo CD, BEYOND SPACE WITHOUT LIMITS, sera lanzado el 12. 12. 2012. Nos encontramos con un problema muy grave como seguro leyeron al entrar al webshop.

Debido a los aumentos e inflación vividos en este país, ( y a este gobierno que tenemos) No tenemos forma de que pueda llegar a tus manos dentro de un precio razonable, por eso pensamos una alternativa para que puedas tener los discos originales, y en la edición que elijas.

La opción para que puedas hacer la compra es mandarte 4 unidades a tu propia elección, sin importar el titulo. Vos armas tu propio pedido. Pueden ser 4 unidades iguales o diferentes, como vos decidas, el valor de estas 4 unidades va enviado en caja certificada como siempre lo hemos hecho que incluye el gasto de envió y manejo. El pago es por paypal como siempre.
El costo final seria de U$ 100 por las 4 unidades ( envió incluido)

Podes comprar las 4 unidades vos o juntarte con amigos. Dividiendo el costo entre amigos, prácticamente seria un precio razonable.

También podrás comprar de a una unidad al precio de U.S $ 50, sabemos que es muy caro, ( envió incluido certificado en caja ) Por lo cual te ofrecemos primero la opción de que te juntes con amigos para comprar mas barato.

Agradecemos a toda la gente que esta comprando en el webshop, y que nos apoya siempre.
Esperamos comprendan la situación del país, que es ajena a nuestra voluntad.


Beto Vazquez.


BUY 4 UNITS Us$ 100.  
SHIPPING INLCUDED Priority mail delivery  
Choose from any of the albums    

BUY 1 UNITS Us$ 50.  
SHIPPING INLCUDED Priority mail delivery  
Choose from any of the albums    

  Beyond Space Without Limits | 2012|
  Jewel Case Arg Edition
  24 / booklet pages
  Tracks: 10
  Features 17 guest musicians !!!

  Beyond Space Without Limits | 2012|
  Double Album - LTD ARG Edition

24 / booklet pages / tracks: 10

  Plus Bonus CD - 12 / booklet pages
  Special Packagin- LIMITED EDITION.

Second edition - New 1000 units

  | EXISTENCE | ARG LTD Edition | 2010 |
Double Digipack
28 / pages booklet
Limited Numbered edition
Tracks: 20
Bonus Track: 1

| DARKMIND | ARG LTD Edition | 2008 |
24 / pages booklet
Bonus track: 1

  | Flying Towards the New Horizon | 2006 |
Jewel Case Argentina Edition
20 / pages booklet
Bonus : Multimedia Track -

  | Wizard | EP | 2002 |
Jewel Case Argentina Edition
|Alternative Versions|
8 / pages booklet
Tracks : 8
Bonus: Multimedia Track - Wizard - VideoClip -
SOLD OUT | No more copies available !!!

  | Beto Vazquez Infinity | 2001 |
20 / pages booklet
SOLD OUT | No more copies available !!!

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